Revolutionary Moments in History

History is filled with events which changed society and molded it into the modern world we live in today. In order for this to happen, we have had to get involved in some serious battles for civil rights. Most battles were not in vain, and unfortunately, some were violent. Nevertheless, today we enjoy a society which is easier to reshape and adjust to our needs.

The French Revolution

The French RevolutionThis tale is particularly interesting because it is one of the best examples of disparity between social classes. Inequality is still present but fortunately in a lesser sense than in 18th century France.


This uprising was organized by people who were enraged by the old regime. The system which prevailed up until then was the waning feudal regime. In some parts of Europe it was completely obliterated yet in France it remained. What is more, the system majorly favored the elite and prestigious social classes who had political influence. With this social power and wealth, they would inevitably be in better positions than lower classes. Though the lower classes owned land they lacked some basic rights like education and standards of living. There was a great and obvious discrepancy between the two lifestyles and a change was inevitable.


This revolution is also remembered by the execution of the king and queen, Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette who were dubbed inept to serve the people. After this, the political system changed irreversibly.

ResultsBritish Civil Rights Movement

Migration and Racism

In the second half of the 20th century, Britain had major migration issues. A great number of people from their colonies have moved to Britain in order to seek employment and a safe haven. Unfortunately, they were mostly denied basic human rights and have been discriminated harshly. People from Jamaica, India, and Africa have come to contribute but have found violence and intolerance.

In bigger cities, such as London, Birmingham, and Nottingham there were violent incidents all connected to racial discrimination. The skills and attitude of the newcomers were ignored and pushed aside. When they worked they were paid less. When cutbacks were made – black staff was the first to get fired.

More Changes

Eventually, this was seen to with the introduction of laws against discrimination. These events coincided with new rights for women and the decriminalization of homosexuality. The couple of decades between the 50s and the 2000s were crucial in British history especially in regards to civil rights.

Civil Rights Movement in the States

The civil rights movement in the States has changed lives on a global level. It was triggered by racial discrimination and segregation. Leaders of this movement were fed up with the old redundant system and were in desperate need of a change. In the 50s and 60s, African American population was fighting for equal rights and as a result, they caused other question to be posed. In later decades, the battle against sexism started and the decriminalization of homosexuality. All of these struggles were not in vain and are continually fought even today.